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Scientific or common name:

Bryum acutum Lindb.

BRYACEAE Family selection - Bryophyta (Mosses)

Taxon Page:

Name: Bryum acutum Lindb. Taxon selection
Rank: species
See: ► Bryum axel-blyttii Kaur. ex Philib.

pictures Images of Bryum acutum

Common names

US name U.S. name: Blytt's bryum moss

Grown habit: Nonvascular

= Bryum axel-blyttii Kaur. ex Philib.
= Bryum acutiforme Limpr.


Kingdom: Plantae
Subkingdom: -
Superdivision: -
Division: Bryophyta
Class: Bryopsida
Subclass: Bryidae
Order: Bryales
Family: Bryaceae
Genus: Bryum

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More species:
1) Bryum aeneum Blytt ex Bruch & Schimp. [182]
2) Bryum affine Lindb. & Arnell [108]
3) Bryum algovicum Sendtn. ex Müll. Hal. [170]
4) Bryum algovicum Sendtn. ex Müll. Hal. var. rutheanum (Warnst.) Crundw. [186]
5) Bryum amblyodon Müll. Hal. [215]
6) Bryum apiculatum Schwägr. [200]
7) Bryum argenteum Hedw. [1230]
8) Bryum billarderi Schwägr. [205]
9) Bryum calobryoides Spence [149]
10) Bryum capillare Hedw. var. flaccidum (Brid.) Bruch & Schimp. [115]

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