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Rosa villosa L


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Scientific name: Rosa villosa
Author: L
Rank: Species
Status: accepted

foto Images of Rosa villosa

Common names:
flag apple rose (English)
flag Rosa villosa
flag Apfel-Rose (German)

= Rosa pomifera Herrm
= Rosa sancti-andreae Degen & Trautm

Subspecies / Varieties / Hybrids / Forms:
1) Rosa villosa ssp. mollis Sm Crép

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Kingdom: Plantae (Plants)

Subkingdom: Viridiplantae (Green plants)

Infrakingdom: Streptophyta (Land plants)

Superdivision: Embryophyta

Division: Tracheophyta (Tracheophytes)

Subphylum: Spermatophytina (Seed plants)

Class: Magnoliopsida

Superorder: Rosanae

Order: Rosales

Family: Rosaceae (Roses)

Genus: Rosa L (Rose)

Species: Rosa villosa L

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(*) Retrieved [February, 2, 2021], from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System on-line database,

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Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

Rosa villosa L

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