- Family: Asteraceae -

Kingdom: Plantae

Subkingdom: Tracheobionta

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Subclass: Asteridae

Order: Asterales

Family: Asteraceae

Genus: Acamptopappus
Genus: Acanthospermum
Genus: Achillea
Genus: Achyrachaena
Genus: Acmella
Genus: Acourtia
Genus: Acroptilon
Genus: Actinospermum
Genus: Adenocaulon
Genus: Adenophyllum
Genus: Adenostemma
Genus: Ageratina
Genus: Ageratum
Genus: Agoseris
Genus: Almutaster
Genus: Amberboa
Genus: Amblyolepis
Genus: Amblyopappus
Genus: Ambrosia
Genus: Ampelaster
Genus: Amphiachyris
Genus: Amphipappus
Genus: Anacylus
Genus: Anaphalis
Genus: Ancistrocarphus
Genus: Anisocoma
Genus: Antennaria
Genus: Anthemis
Genus: Antheropeas
Genus: Apargidium
Genus: Aphanostephus
Genus: Arctium
Genus: Arctotheca
Genus: Arctotis
Genus: Argyranthemum
Genus: Argyroxiphium
Genus: Arnica
Genus: Arnoglossum
Genus: Arnoseris
Genus: Artemisia
Genus: Asanthus
Genus: Aster
Genus: Astranthium
Genus: Astranthuim
Genus: Astrichoseris
Genus: Atrichoseris
Genus: Ayapana
Genus: Baccharis
Genus: Bahia
Genus: Baileya
Genus: Balduina
Genus: Balsamita
Genus: Balsamorhiza
Genus: Baltimora
Genus: Barkleyanthus
Genus: Bartlettia
Genus: Bebbia
Genus: Bellis
Genus: Benitoa
Genus: Berkheya
Genus: Berlandiera
Genus: Bidens
Genus: Bigelowia
Genus: Blennosperma
Genus: Blepharipappus
Genus: Blepharizonia
Genus: Blumea
Genus: Boltonia
Genus: Borrichia
Genus: Brachyactis
Genus: Bradburia
Genus: Brickellia
Genus: Brickelliastrum
Genus: Brintonia
Genus: Cacalia
Genus: Cacaliopsis
Genus: Calendula
Genus: Callistephus
Genus: Calotis
Genus: Calycadenia
Genus: Calycoseris
Genus: Calyptocarpus
Genus: Canadanthus
Genus: Carduus
Genus: Carlina
Genus: Carminatia
Genus: Carphephorus
Genus: Carphochaete
Genus: Carthamus
Genus: Castalis
Genus: Cathamus
Genus: Centaurea
Genus: Centipeda
Genus: Centratherum
Genus: Chaenactis
Genus: Chaetadelpha
Genus: Chaetadelphia
Genus: Chaetopappa
Genus: Chamaechaenactis
Genus: Chamaemelum

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By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Matthew 7:16

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Asterella echinella

Asterella elegans

Asterella elegans

Asterella gracilis

Asterella lindenbergiana