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Abedus immaculatus Say 1832


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Scientific name: Abedus immaculatus
Author: Say 1832
Rank: Species
Status: valid

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Common names:

= Abedus (Deinostoma) immaculatus Say 1832

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Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)

Subkingdom: Bilateria

Infrakingdom: Protostomia

Superphylum: Ecdysozoa

Phylum: Arthropoda (Arthropods)

Subphylum: Hexapoda (Hexapods)

Class: Insecta (Insects)

Subclass: Pterygota (Winged insects)

Infraclass: Neoptera (Modern, wing-folding insects)

Superorder: Paraneoptera

Order: Hemiptera Linnaeus 1758 (Hemipterans)

Suborder: Heteroptera Latreille 1810 (Heteropterans)

Infraorder: Nepomorpha (Water bugs)

Superfamily: Nepoidea Latreille 1802

Family: Belostomatidae Leach 1815 (Giant water bugs)

Subfamily: Belostomatinae Leach 1815

Genus: Abedus Stål 1862

Subgenus: Abedus (Microabedus) Hussey and Herring 1950

Species: Abedus immaculatus Say 1832

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(*) Retrieved [February, 2, 2021], from the Integrated Taxonomic Information System on-line database,

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